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Orders are for the ANDREW VACHSS Mama shirts are now closed.
We appreciate all those who have helped to support Protect

We at Crime Scene Merchandise and Organized Crime Records feel that it is important to give to those charity organizations that are true to their cause. The origination that we like to support is PROTECT, The National Organization To Protect Children. There are a lot of so-called charity organizations that claim to do this or believe in that, but PROTECT is 100% true to their mission statement. Every donation that is made to PROTECT goes towards reaching their goal. To date PROTECT has been the leading force in changing the "Incest Exception" laws in 5 states. To read more about PROTECT's victories go to

The whole point of these charity shirts is to provide those involved with it a means to raise money to go to PROTECT. Crime Scene Merchandise and Organized Crime Records are just some of the people involved; there are many more people that give up their time and resources to make this a success. Over the past few years, several thousand dollars have been raised through these shirts and we want to help raise more. The only money that does not go to PROTECT from these shirts is for manufacturing. Everyone else donates their services.

Each of the shirts that we do is a limited edition. They may be brought back somewhere down the line, but there is no guarantee. Once the order is closed it is done, so get them while you can. If you have an idea for a shirt or a way to help PROTECT please get in contact with us.

We are all in this together.
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